Baby Bumbo Recall

Baby Bumbos have been recall due to multiple reports of serious head injuries. For more info check out this website

 Picture of Recalled Bumbo 'Baby Sitter' Seats

Elizabel liked to sit in hers but would twist herself around and almost tip over so I see how injuries could happen.  I returned hers to Target. They gave me store credit and I didn’t have the box or receipt whe I returned it.

To look for other recalls check out these websites:

My first carshow

This weekend I went to see Grandpo’s car at a car show in Boerne.  It was lots of fun even though I slept through most of it. I can’t wait until I am old enough for a ride in his hotrod.



I am 3 months old!

Over labor day weekend I turned 3 months old while my Daddy was turning 30. We spent the weekend in Sonora with Lolo and Papool, the Warshaks and the Enochs where we threw Daddy a great party. I went swimming for the first time and loved the water. I also went to a wedding for the first time where I decided to make it memorable by having a diaper explosion on Dad and Mom. Here are some pics from our great weekend.


getting some sun with girls

me with my cousins

Great news!

I have had an exciting month! Mommy went back to work 3 weeks ago… more on that in a minute. So Dad stayed home with me for 2 weeks. We had a great time playing! Mommy was surprised the first day when she came home and Dad was still in his PJ’s. I kept him so busy he didn’t have time to change.  I think Dad realizes that stay at home mommies have a pretty tough job. It was so fun being with him all day and I was sad when he had to go back to work. Now Lolo (Daddy’s mom) is staying with me for 2 weeks and we are having a blast.

The great news is that Mommy is going to start working only part time in September. She just can’t stand being away from me so much. Aunt Katie is going to take care of me when Mommy is at work so I will be well taken care of!

 And the best news of all, or at least to Mommy and Daddy, is that I am sleeping through the night. I decided that they have worked hard taking care of me and deserved a break.