This month I wasn’t very good about updating the blog so here are a few things we did this April

Kris’ shower  In 1 month Kris is going to have a little girl. We had a shower at our house to help her get ready for it. Lizzy and JaxsonGoing on a trip in the wagon with Jaxson swimming dirtdsc_0141.JPG  Lizzy played in her pool for the first time last weekend. We had to put warm water from the house so it wouldn’t be too cold. Levi said we may be jumping the gun on summer but she loved it! Afterwards she played in the dirt and ate some before we could get to her.  yummy apple  Trying to figure out how to get into an apple  yummy puffspuffs everywhere Breaking into a can of Puffs…yummy!  Mommy’s new job   Mommy just started a new job working in the ER. She loves it so far. She is working nights so she isn’t gone from me too much and Aunt Katie is still able to watch me while Mommy sleeps.   Curtains Playing in the curtains  playing with Ellie Trying to get Ellie to play with me