Lizzy had her first boat ride at Medina Lake a few weeks ago. It turned out to be a cold, windy day. We will have to try again when the weather warms up.

 The lake with Granny

I think Aunt BJ had a better time

BJ the pirate

 The weather was a little nicer the day before at the park.



We had an early Easter egg hunt at the Halvorson’s.

Easter Egg Hunt

We couldn’t keep the big kids out of their eggs once they realized they were filled with candy. Lizzy was more interested in shaking her’s.

Easter egg hunt

Travis helped Lizzy find eggs in his Tonka truck. She loved it!


 On Easter weekend we took Lizzy on her first picnic at Lolo’s house. It was a beautiful day and she loved being in her wagon.


She got all sorts of fun stuff in her Easter basket but was most excited about being outside. On Easter Sunday she took her first steps all by herself. She hasn’t taken many more but it won’t be long before she is running all over the place.